2021 Award Recipients

Awards Sponsored by CATESOL Education Foundation

Ron Lee Technology Award
Sponsored by the CATESOL Education Foundation
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Jaquelin got her start in ESL as an intern with the IRC and has loved teaching ever since! Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Computer Science and volunteering as a writing instructor for incarcerated individuals. She is passionate about reflecting diverse voices and perspectives in the classroom. One of her future goals is to help make STEM fields more accessible to immigrant student populations.

Video link: Acceptance Speech video by Jaquelin Yang-Tsui

Recipient: ​Jaquelin Yang-Tsui ​Grossmont College (ESL) and Miramar College (ELAC)

Gordon Johnson Memorial Award, Awardee 1
Sponsored by CATESOL Education Foundation

With 20 years in education, Kevin Chan (MA TESOL/Ed.) continues to teach ESL in college-based programs.  Aside from accumulating over 8086 hours of instruction in ESL, his accomplishments include directly coaching a foreign student to earn 2nd place at the CCTV National Speech Finals and winning the Los Angeles County Office of Education 2011 Digital Voice Award for creative use of technology in the classroom.

Video link: Acceptance Speech video by Kevin Chan

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Recipient: Kevin Chan 
Pasadena City College, Noncredit Division

Gordon Johnson Memorial Award, Awardee 2
Sponsored by CATESOL Education Foundation

Recipient: Chhaya Patel 
California State University, Northridge (MATESL program) 

Chhaya Patel works as a teacher in the ESL program at Simi Institute for Career & Education. She believes in upgrading her teaching skills at regular intervals. Therefore, she is pursuing a Master's degree in the TESL program at CSUN. She is connected to a community of practice at various platforms, and she has learned a lot from experienced teachers in the field. 

​Audio link: Acceptance Speech audio by Chhaya Patel

Rick Sullivan Stipend Award
Sponsored by the CATESOL Education Foundation
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Recipient: ​Kate Hey
​English Language Department at Modesto Junior College

Kate Hey teaches in the English Language department at Modesto Junior College.  She first joined CATESOL in 2002 when she graduated from San Jose State University with MA in TESOL.  Ever since CATESOL has been the main source of her professional development and engagement in the field. She enjoys and appreciates attending the conferences on a regular basis and also presenting with her colleagues.

Video link: Acceptance Speech Video by Kate Hey

David E. Eskey Memorial Award, Year 2
Sponsored by the CATESOL Education Foundation

Undarmaa (Undraa) Maamuujav is a Ph.D. student in the University of California, Irvine with a specialization in Teaching, Learning, and Educational Improvement. Undraa's research focuses on second language writing development and pedagogy and incorporating effective methods, tools, and technology into L2 writing curriculum. Her work has been published in CATESOL Journal, TESOL Journal, and TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching.

Video links:

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Recipient: ​Undarmaa Maamuujav 
​UC Irvine