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Joseph (Joe) O’Loughlin was very supportive of Judith O'Loughlin, a strong supporter and past Board member. 

Application Process:
This special grant award focuses on creating a study group for four to five K-12 teachers per year. The goal is to help K-12 teachers to work with their ELL students who have had interrupted education and therefore gaps in their learning.  This applies to refugees and also now to distance learning.  The study group looks at various techniques to use in the classroom with remote learning applications.

i. Teachers who are interested complete an expression of interest form. Go to: Joseph O'Loughlin K-12 Grant for 2022
ii. Applications deadline: August 22, 2022

iii.The selection committee hopes to choose 3-4 teachers to participate each year.

Participants will receive/do:

  • Selected participants sign an agreement for the applicable year.


  • Participants receive a copy of Students with Interrupted Formal Education by Brenda Custodio and Judith O’Loughlin for reading and study group meetings


  • Participants receive a copy of Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas Academic Language Accelerator (Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas 2e) 2nd Edition


  • Four online meetings per year for reading and discussion in a collaborative mentoring study group format with author Judith O’Loughlin. 

  • Study group participants read from the texts and prepare for discussion;

  • Each participant creates an application project to implement in their own educational setting (using Google Meet) 

v. Grant award covers two textbooks (approx. $100), CATESOL Annual Conference registration fee (approx. $100), and any additional available funds for travel (up to a total of $400) paid by the Foundation fund. 

vi.Participants will receive help from Judith with writing their proposal for the annual CATESOL conference and help with preparing their panel/poster session presentation. They will put together a Padlet about themselves for the conference program. . 

vii.Participants present on how they used the book in instruction in their settings.  They could compromise a panel – one presentation – featured, depends on the conference program chairs, but CEF can recommend.
viii.Travel money to attend the annual CATESOL Conference

Total Grant Award of up $400 per participant per year to cover the books and conference attendance. 

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