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Application Deadline Extended: July 1, 2023
See all 2022 award winners and learn more about awards on our Awards Padlet.

CATESOL Interest Group Award:
Ron Lee
Technology Award

This $1,000 award will go to the ESL instructor who has integrated technology in innovative ways to support ESL teaching.

CATESOL Level Award: Community College
Student Essay Award

This award honors an ESL student in a credit or non-credit program in community college. The essay winner will receive $200 worth of books from Townsend Press.

CATESOL Level Award:
English Language Research Award

Intended to encourage a range of scholarly work not often represented in traditional publications, this award highlights exceptional work being done in the field of ESL/TESL:
classroom-based research; curricular projects; and other research regarding theory, research, pedagogy, and/or educational policy. 

CATESOL Level Award:
Community College Professional Development Award

Sponsored by
National Geographic Learning,
this $500 award honors an outstanding Community College ESL instructor who is nominated by a peer instructor for successfully providing opportunities for empowering students in the classroom


CATESOL Education Foundation Memorial Award:
Gordon Johnson
Membership Award

Two part-time teachers currently teaching ESL in California will receive a one-year membership to CATESOL to encourage their ongoing interest in professional development.

CATESOL Education Foundation Memorial Award:
Rick Sullivan
Registration Award

This CATESOL Education Foundation award covers annual conference registration costs for CATESOL members currently in graduate school who have made a contribution to the organization.

CATESOL Education Foundation Memorial Award:
Gail Weinstein 
Teacher Recognition Award

This award recognizes an outstanding ESL practitioner

who has demonstrated leadership, creativity, and dedication to

learner-centered instruction, specifically the integration of learners’ personal stories into

ESL classroom learning.

CATESOL Education Foundation Memorial Award
Kareen Kjelstrup
Professional Development Award

A current member working at the adult level can nominate a non-member colleague in order to further the pair's professional development goals and to share conference highlights with their program.  Both awardees receive a free one-year membership and registration to the annual CATESOL conference. 

Special Thanks to Our Awards Sponsors


CATESOL Education Foundation

We are currently accepting additional memorial awards to honor members of CATESOL and their contributions to the field.

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