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Participant Testimonials

"The grant has contributed in making the MA TESOL program at UC Davis dynamic through these opportunities to share, learn, and network with TESOL professionals in the field. I can proudly say that my experiences with CATESOL have solidified my academic and professional interests as a budding teacher and researcher in the TESOL field."

— Daniel Moglen

"The classes I took were really wonderful, but I was able to get a much more holistic view of the TESOL field through my participation in CATESOL. It would never have even crossed my mind to go to either of the conferences put on by CATESOL my first year as a graduate student were it not for the Tippy Schwabe grant that enabled me to do so."
Whitney Whitener

"Without the Tippy Schwabe Grant, I would have been either financially unable or disinterested in interacting with CATESOL to the extent I have. For me, the grant was the gateway which led to further exploration."
Dennis Mahler

"I am really grateful for the grant; otherwise, it would be quite expensive for students to [attend] the conference on their own. It’s a great experience to attend the conferences. I learned more about different levels and aspects about teaching English by attending the CATESOL conferences. I also got great experience from being a volunteer to help the exhibitors set up their exhibition."
Chi-Yuan Hsieh Huang

Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 10.31.45 AM.png

Corinna Rodriguez, right, leadership grantee meeting with Professor Jan Eyring and mentors Karen Dennis and Margaret Teske

Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 10.31.55 AM.png

Lori Kananack - recipient and volunteer at the CATESOL LA Regional

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